Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vegetables from the garden!

Yesterday for dinner, we got to eat our first vegetable from the garden. We have been eating strawberries and blueberries regularly by this point (actually, my snack every day includes fresh, picked that morning blueberries and strawberries!), but we figured it would be a while before we got fresh vegetables, especially since that day that Roxie had some snacks... but we have been able to eat some of our fresh veggies the last two weeks.

We had picked three zucchini, and eaten those, one in vegetarian fajitas and two in minestrone, and all of them were very good. But yesterday we found a long enough cucumber. We incidentally were planning on having Greek salad anyways last night, so we got to add fresh cucumber to it! Yay! I love fresh veggies. Tomorrow we get our first CSA basket too! Can't wait!

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