Friday, May 7, 2010

Swiss Chard and Beets


So tonight we made the green tomato spaghetti, with Swiss chard and onions on the side.

We both, surprisingly, LOVED the Swiss chard/onions dish. It was soooo good, we both wish we had made more, and will probably make it again this week sometime with the extra that we had. I have my doubts on how it would taste without the onions and Worcestershire sauce, but in any case, in the recipe it was wonderful.

I really liked the green tomato sauce, but I added salt and pepper. Blake didn't enjoy it as much as I did, he tolerated it, but to be fair, he didn't add salt, and had a big lunch so wasn't very hungry. He said that he only ate all of the chard dish because it was so good he didn't want to stop, but he was full before getting through that too. I did feel a little bad picking our first five tomatoes when they were still green... but they tasted good, and that plant has so many big green tomatoes that it is unlikely we will be able to eat all of the tomatoes on it when they are red anyways.

Tonight after dinner we decided to try the beet chips as well. That was an utter failure. First, I didn't even let it cook halfway to what the recipe said because it was already getting smoky from the burned beet slices. When we took it out, probably more than half was completely black. There were a few that were not, but they weren't very crispy and they didn't even have good flavor. I am not ready to surrender that we don't like beets yet, I would like to try them a few more ways first, but this was not good.

So our experiments of trying new food are going well so far, and I am happy to add Swiss chard to my list of vegetables that I like, but I will keep beets in the undecided category for now.

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  1. Woohoo Lisa! I LOVE Swiss Chard! Another good way to cook it (if you like lemon), is to steam it until it's just getting tender and bright green, and just put salt and squeeze fresh lemon on it. YUMMY!

    Anyway, I noticed a sign for a CSA in my town and your post is totally inspiring me to join it!