Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Skipped June... so Pictures first

Remington is likely to wake up any second... with Grace close behind. So, this post will be pictures first, captions if I have time.
 My brother got his masters!
 Date with Remington above
Pictures from Temecula vacation below

 She is so proud of her tall tower!

 How the kids slept in the hotel
 Above- Blake had to have computer time on the trip
Below- Blake opens Father's Day presents

 Remington LOVES batting, especially being pitched to, doesn't love the tee.
 Angels baseball games on back to back nights

 Above- watching finding Nemo on the field after the game.
 Below- Remington also loves playing basketball with dad like so:

 Both kids in gymnastics at least once a week, often more.
 Remington's favorite part- hanging