Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Csa 4


Box 4

Repeats from last week:
Red Lettuce
Swiss Chard

Different from last week:
Unidentified green... I am leaning towards another variety of kale?
Another lettuce, but not red
There are a few other differences, but it is more of things that we didn't get this week like dill and cilantro, which we didn't need more of... we still have plenty from last week.

I was really proud of myself as I surveyed what we had leftover from last week as today's box came around, and I found that we had used everything but a few herbs, and a little of the lettuce from last week!

I think it has mostly been about the change in meal planning. Instead of planning something, and then getting the food to match it, I now plan around what food I have and then buy supplements to make meals instead of just a variety of vegetables and fruits.

I was excited to have two heads of lettuce again, so that I can make some salads for potlucks coming up this week.

I do have to confess that I made a trade this week... we got sprouts again, and I know I could have found more exciting recipes for them... I saw an orange in the trade basket, and while I could use the sprouts... we LOVE the oranges and are always sad when we run out... so I opened my box early with the sole goal of finding something less than loved to trade for the orange in the basket. I saw sprouts on top... and they were the chosen thing to go.

My plan of attack is not fully fleshed out yet, and I am glad I still have a few more days to decide it... but I decided that I am going to roast the turnips again, but this time with some olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper, since they basically tasted like potatoes last time they were cooked, I figure I should run with that.

This swiss chard and or kale? will go into a soup this week, just because its been a while since we had soup, and it sounds good. I haven't decided which direction to go with the soup yet, but it will likely have some white beans and potatoes cooked in it... probably some tomatoes... some fresh herbs like thyme and basil... maybe carrots? Not sure... the scary (or exciting) idea that I am playing with at the moment is to not find a recipe, but just play with a soup idea myself... but I am not sure that I trust myself to come up with a good one, but more importantly, I never know cooking times on my random ideas.

Then, whichever I don't use in the soup will disappear into some other recipe tbd.

All of the fruits never have trouble disappearing, and I am sure that this is no different. The salad that I will make for both potlucks (two different times) will use some the lettuce, an orange and some avocado, as well as other things that I already have in the cupboard, plus some other ingredients from the store.

That actually will pretty well cover all of the things that we got in the box this week. I just picked some zucchini from our garden, so I am planning on using that, and a just about ripe sweet pepper from my garden to make some vegetarian fajitas this week.

There is not a lot different from last week, but that's something likely to happen when you eat seasonally, I am still loving it though!

p.s soup recipe- kale, swiss chard

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  1. I think it is so great that you are doing this! It makes me want to try it:)