Friday, May 21, 2010

A more personal post

For a long time, I had decided to keep this blog "light and fluffy" and not too much about the big personal things that are going on in my life for fear of criticism or things not going well, etc.

But I feel confident enough in our life path now, that I decided to share a big step that Blake and I are taking... next month we will be attending an adoption orientation to begin the long process towards adopting from foster care.

This is not a decision we have made lightly, but at the same time, this doesn't mean that there will be a child in our house next week either lol.

The plan, at this point, is just to start the process itself, which could take months before a child is ever involved. Once we complete all of the steps up to the matching process where a child IS involved, then we will re-evaluate, and possibly hold at that stage for a while before having a child come into our home. There will be extensive thought and prayer put into the possible child too, keeping in mind all of the complications that they will bring before we move forward.

I welcome positive feedback... but friends and family members who are reading this...please really think before you post something negative or discouraging... because the chances are that I already know what your concern is, and we are aware of the many vast issues, complications and problems that could come from this process.

But we also both feel really strongly that there are children out there that need homes, including ones with deep psychological issues or medical issues etc. but they need homes too. Probably more than those "perfect" healthy kids in the system. No, it won't be easy... but what would you say to that child? Would you tell them that they would be too hard to take care of, so they don't deserve a home?

Also, yes, we realize that we are still very young... and that is why we might not look for a matching child as soon as we get through the process... but if the right child comes along, we want to be ready to give him or her a home. Also, yes, we have been trying to have our own child first, and without going into it, its been a long time now, and so we feel that this is the direction that God is leading us towards.

It most likely won't be a baby, because those are the most easily placed, and so do not need adoptive parents as badly. It might be a pair of siblings, although we would prefer that they are both young. And to those who thought, she has no idea what she is getting into with two I don't... but I think four years of teaching aprox. 30 students for 7 hours a day is a really good start, and we'll learn, just like every other parent learns how to handle two kids when their 2nd child is put into their arms.

I don't mean to write such a defensive post when I share my excitement about giving a child or two a home... but its just that not everyone I have mentioned this to so far has been supportive... and for those of you who had no idea that we wanted kids at all, I don't want you to jump to the wrong conclusions. I don't make too many impulsive decisions... I tend to research and plan and think and plan and read and study and then come to a decision. So just please please realize that it is unlikely that any negative thought that you have towards our plan and our future is new to me or is something I didn't think about. And also... even if we had our own kids... adopting was always a part of our plan for our family... it just got moved up.

The exciting thing is... we are starting a journey to becoming parents!


  1. I am so excited for you! I know how much thought you have put into this and think the way you are going about it is fantastic. I hope things work out really well and that it all happens on a good timeline for your family:)

  2. Lisa, I'm so excited that you are starting this process, and I think your approach is perfect--to take one step at a time and re-evaluate as you go along.

    You and Blake will be AMAZING parents and foster parents to every child that is blessed enough to share your home, no matter for how short (or long) a time.


  3. I think this is great news. Sure, it will be difficult, but parenthood always is (or so I'm told). Your plan to take it one step at a time is good.