Sunday, February 1, 2015

Bucket list item complete!

Way back in 2011 I came up with the crazy plan to do a 10k, half and full marathon, and officially announced it on the blog. There was going to the the two shorter races in 2012 and then the full in 2013. But thanks to Remington, I was a spectator that year. Then pregnancy, recovery and retraining, minus the broken toe time, and I made it to today. 

I completed my marathon today!!!! A goal since high school, a committed goal worked towards for 4 years, was completed today!

But more than that I am super excited to say that I didn't just finish... I rocked it! I was afraid of shuffling along, eventually going 15-16 minute miles, lots of walking. No, that was not my race today.

I was strong! I had to hold myself back in the first half and still finished in 2:13,
and then kept running the majority of the second half, taking walking breaks for water or at the mile markers. I was passing people in the last 6 miles! Passing them! And when I saw my time on my watch, I figured out I could make it under 5 hours if I ran from mile 25 to the end, and I did it! I actually sprinted, yes, sped up, for the last .2 and crossed before the 5 hour mark by 2 minutes!

I got super emotional at mile 25, 26, when I could see the finish line and when I got my medal! The worst parts were at the few points in the course where we had to double back, and I just wanted to reach that point. Also, my lower back kept hitting so all walking points also had a forward fold, stretching on the side time. 

Miles 20-26 were dedicated to the adoption process for Grace, with each mile representing one step closer to getting her home.

Overall I averaged an 11:30 or so pace, but it actually was closer to 10 (or faster) in the first part and 13-14 in the later parts. 

Thank you everyone for your support and especially to my dad who followed me around on his bike to cheer me on multiple times and to Blake, who took care of both kids all morning and still showed up with them at my race to see me finish.

P.s. How I feel now, with my legs crazy hurting is worse than I felt while running, but I finished that huge goal in a way I am so proud of!