Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Conversations with a Two Year Old

Have you ever had a conversation with a two year old? It can be cute, but also very repetitive and needs a bit of guess work involved to keep a conversation going. I will be sharing just a few of my recent conversations in this post, followed by cute kid pictures.

Here are a few of the repetitive ones... ones that I have had at least 20 times with Grace, if not more, sometimes just a few minutes from the last time I had that particular conversation.

G-Pa? (what she calls my dad)
M- When do we see grandpa?
G- Church
M- That's right, after church

G- Gaga? (My mother in law)
M-When do we see granna?
G- Tap
M-That's right, you tap with granna

G- Ma? (My mom)
M- When do we see grandma?
G- Church
M- That's right, after church

G- A-Me? (What she calls her future aunt Jami)
M- When do we see Aunt Jami?
G- Run?
M- That's right, Aunt Jami and mom run together

(You get the idea)

Another repetitive conversation of late started after she got her shots last Friday... so it has continued for more than a week.

G- Ouch? (While pointing to a shot area)
M- Does it hurt where you got your shots?
G- All done?
M- Yes, your shots are all done for now, no shots today.

The above conversation has occurred as often as five or six times in a single car ride... it gets old, really fast.

There are a few animals that she is currently scared of- sharks and alligators. When she sees a picture of one of them, this is how it goes:

G- Ouch? (pointing to their teeth)
M- Yes, if a shark (or alligator) bit you it would hurt
G- No, no (Emphatically to the picture, like when she is telling the dogs no, so they won't take her food)
M- No, the shark (or alligator) won't bite you

Recently we went to a friend's house, and Grace encountered their talking, singing, dancing Elmo, and for whatever reason, it really freaked her out. So now, I also get this conversation on replay:

G- Elmo? (In a very scared worried voice)
M- Did Erin's Elmo scare you?
G- All gone?
M- Yes, that Elmo is all gone.

But the most commonly recurring conversation is about our trips to the park, which have become our daily outing.

G- Walk?
M- When do we go on the walk?
G- Nap
M- That's right, after nap
G- Swing?
M- Sure, you can go on the swing
G- Slide?
M- Yep, you can go on the slide too.

She is learning a lot, and very quickly, it is really exciting to see. She is pretty good on colors now, and will point them out as she walks by or sees something in that color. She knows a lot of her letters, and is beginning to understand counting too.

One last cute Grace story happened yesterday morning, when Blake decided to try to leave out the brown sugar from her oatmeal and see if she would notice. She took one bite, then went to the cupboard and started to get out the brown sugar for him. No fooling this girl!

Random assorted pictures since the last post. Note, many were already posted on facebook, but for people who read my blog without facebook, I wanted them to see them too.

 photo CYMERA_20140118_182443_zps29cd85aa.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140119_155059_zps1d2b0e10.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140126_115511_zpsda2b832a.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140127_125425_zps20453a46.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140128_133843_zpsb1379029.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140129_132127_zps2a5bd342.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140129_135649_zpsccf8ddb6.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140130_080346_zps3ae4a4df.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140130_154656_zpse3f51441.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140131_134122_zps47022c88.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140131_150012_zpsb52e7dc0.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140131_151235_zps168776e6.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140131_151245_zpsec186dd4.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140201_150731_zps67d85f05.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140203_125445_zpsfacbbf16.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140204_100143_zps95f8ad62.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140204_101032_zps4743cda3.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140204_101840_zpsdf6ecc1b.jpg

 photo CYMERA_20140204_102626_zps7410e500.jpg