Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CSA box 3


Yay! Box 3 is here.

Repeats from last week:
Kumquats (which is good because Blake and I always fight over them :-) )
Strawberries (never last the week)
Red Lettuce (two heads this week though)

Different from last week:
Oranges are back!!! Yay!
Swiss Chard (we loved it so much last time we are really excited to have it again)
Dill (just in time, we used up 2 week's ago's bunch on Sunday)
Beets (last time we tried chips and it was a failure, but this week we will try steaming and braising them instead).

My plan of "attack" this week:
Because of the success of two week's ago recipe of onion with chard, we will be doing that again with tomorrow night's dinner. I found a bunch of recipes that recommends sauteing sprouts, and we tried that with Sunday's dinner and with a few of our sprouts (because Blake is failing at eating them alone, and I hate waste), so we are going to experiment and saute onions, chard and sprouts all together as a side to our spaghetti tomorrow.

Friday's Tuna sandwich (or tuna melt) is going to be accompanied with a recipe I found in a cookbook I have (William Sonoma's vegetable cookbook for those who are curious) for Beets glazed with honey, orange and clove. The flavorings sound great, and as long as the beets taste mostly like those flavors, I think it will be good.

The rosemary will disappear into a lemon herb chicken marinade, and I think I will pair that with tabbouleh to use some leftover parsley I have in the fridge and use up the mint too (poor Blake, more mint).

Because both Mango and Shrimp are on sale this week at our grocery store, we will have shrimp quesadillas with a mango salsa/salad (that will use up some lettuce, and some of the cilantro, and possibly some avocado, depending on when it ripens).

Another day I think that I will have mini corncakes with an avocado topping, and that will use avocado, chives, and cilantro.

Not sure what to do with the dill, but I know that will last a week, and since we have a couple things going on this weekend, we actually are cooking less than normal and those recipes will more than suffice for us this week.

I am really hoping that I can cut down the bill this week with my meal choices though, last week I thought I did good, and I guessed that our bill would be under 60 dollars for the week. Blake didn't think so, and he predicted that I would be over, so we made a bet (nothing wagered though). I lost... by about 20 dollars, it hurt lol. It doesn't really matter because our goal is under a hundred for the week (that includes most lunches and breakfasts as well as lunches), but still, I was bummed it wasn't as cheap as I was hoping.

This week, maybe I can get under that 60 dollar mark!

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