Friday, April 30, 2010

15 foods

So, I was cruising the internet looking for interesting information about CSA's (I am obsessed and soooo excited about it right now) and after reading about the different things that people are receiving in their CSA boxes around the country (also interesting) I came across the topic of if you had to eat 15 items day in, day out for the rest of your life, what would you choose. Water is a given, and for my list, I am going to say that salt and pepper are also givens.

So here goes my list, and if I make changes along the way, I'll post those too.

My initial inclination is to be general, and thus get away with more (i.e. citrus, berries) but I think that's cheating.

1. Chicken (one of my favorite meats, we don't eat much else)
2. Salmon (my favorite fish)
3. Egg (Such a versatile ingredient, just in how you can cook it, not counting all the things you can do with it)
4. Angel Hair Pasta
5. Tortilla
6. Strawberries
7. Orange
8. Lemon
9. Tomato
10. Onion
11. Zucchini
12. Feta Cheese

13. Olive Oil
14. Basil
15. Coffee

I think I could survive on this list. It is totally less than ideal, and there are definitely some favorites of mine that I would miss (especially depending on how long I had to eat like this) like salsa, spicy foods in general, bread other than my tortillas and pasta etc. It was actually a tough call between tortillas and a more general bread, but I decided that tortillas add for more versatility in meals (tacos, burritos etc.) where bread would not give me as much variety. If I could add one more, it would probably be cilantro, but most Mexican foods still are good with tomato, onion, salt and pepper.

It was really fun to try, and I encourage anyone reading this to see if you could find 15 foods that you could handle eating for the rest of your life if you had too.

Mostly though, it was good reminder of how much I enjoy the variety that I can have because I have no such limitations on my food! Yay!

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  1. I hate questions like this! I could not live without:
    1. oats
    2. maple syrup
    3. yogurt
    4. almonds
    5. olive oil
    6. hot chilie flakes
    7. olive oil
    8. cornmeal (from which to make homemade tortillas, polenta, cornbread, etc)
    9. strawberries
    10. spinach
    11. bananas
    12. tangerines/clementines
    13. basil
    14. garlic
    15. eggplant

    ps: tomato is a fruit!!!