Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Csa 8


I did my second trade today with the box. We have gotten radishes three or four times now, and the only one that I loved was when I made them into hash browns. They were pretty good baked with soy sauce, but the other two tries weren't great. I decided before we picked up the box today that if we got radishes again... we were trading them. I will probably try them in a future box... but I didn't want to figure out radishes two weeks in a row. :-) So one of the kale is from the trade box.

Okay, same as last week:
Sprouts (up to 3 bags of those now... should probably eat them soon lol)

Different from last week:

The bigger difference between the two weeks for me is the lack of kumquats (sad) and no strawberries (this is not a big deal because both our garden and my parent's garden have plenty of strawberries, so we will survive).

Since I bought a bag of oranges this week (not knowing that we would get them lol) and since we still had a bunch of grapefruit left over from last week, I am hoping to find some great recipes to use those, and I will probably be eating them throughout the day as well.

My main plans this week food-wise:
We will be having a seven layer dip (yes... for dinner :-) ) and that will use up some of the many avocados we keep getting, and some of our garden tomatoes (wondering when those will start coming in our box as well), which seem to be ample at this time. Last week our cupboard looked like this:
so we made a chili with some of those tomatoes, and made and preserved three jars of tomato sauce with the rest, and now we are back to more reasonable amounts, but more are getting ripe every day. So... tomatoes are a staple that I need to keep in mind while I plan meals.

We will also be having a vegetable lasagna, and that will use some of our homemade sauce, our ripe eggplants, and some zucchini (I think).

We will be having a vegetable casserole, with many of the same ingredients as the lasagna.

This week I am going to stir fry a bunch of the vegetables (both from the CSA and our garden) and eat it with pasta, and I am planning on making some kind of chicken marinade with the many citrus fruit in our house and have some kale on the side of that. (Probably kale chips, as it is Blake's new favorite way to eat kale).

I am not sure what the rest of the meals will look like, but we will definitely be eating our veggies this summer between our garden, the CSA boxes and my parent's garden (I take some of their produce off their hands once a week). Yay!

On a totally unrelated topic... I found out that I am changing from teaching 2nd grade to 4th grade... I am still trying to wrap my head around the change. There are definitely some things I will miss about 2nd, but there are also things I am excited about with a new grade level. The fun thing is too that some of my previous students are going to be in my class again. There will probably be more posts coming up about this new adventure... but for now, I am okay with it... just trying to absorb the idea.

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