Wednesday, June 9, 2010

CSA 6 and the Last Day of school

We got our new box today, and for the first time since we got the boxes, I don't already have an approximate idea of what I want to do with all of it.

So... there are a lot of repeats from last week, but that is exactly what happens when you are eating seasonally. Fortunately, they are all things we like, but I am leaning towards finding something new to do with them... just don't know what yet. There might be another post further elaborating what to do... but not this one.

For the last few weeks consistently we have gotten:
We got more mint too...

This is just fine with me because I LOVE avocadoes, and ever since I discovered that they can last for a very long period of time in the fridge if you put them in there right when they are ripe, having 10 or so avocadoes in the house consistently doesn't seem like a problem to me.

Strawberries we go through in the first couple days easy, so that is never a problem, and we are discovering how nice it is to have a side salad with almost every dinner since we have been getting lettuce every week (and its tasty lettuce too).

More repeats from last week:

Different from last week:
Kale (which I am going to make into kale chips this week from a recipe that we got with our harvest ticket)
Yellow squash
Arugula (possibly try a pesto I found in a cookbook)

I don't have any more real plans for the week's food yet, but besides missing oranges, it looks like a great week!

In other news, you might have noticed my ticker was missing with this post, and its because it was the last day of school today! It went well, but unlike most other years, I am just in a good mood, and not quite as sad as usual because it was a tougher year than normal.

There were, of course, some angel students that I will miss, and even my tough ones were still my students and they had their good moments, but in general, this year was a marathon that I am happy to come to the end of.

I am really spoiled as a teacher when it comes to days like the last day of school, Christmas, etc. and this year was no different. Although I got many wonderful teacher gifts, and many sweet cards and such from my students, if I had to pick my top three gifts (besides unphotogenic gift cards ;-) )it would be these three:

My favorite of these favorites is the cookbook! I was amazed by the thought that went into getting me a cookbook for quick healthy recipes, and I have already flipped through it, and it has a lot of great recipes that I look forward to trying. It is not only adding a cookbook to my already huge cookbook collection (I might be obsessed with cookbooks :-p lol), but it really was also the fact that a parent remembered my love of cooking and my desire to eat healthy and teach my students to eat healthy too.

The next top pick is the shirt. I have a student whose mom works for Roxy and so this is the 2nd really cute top she has given me this year. It is actually more stylish than what I normally wear, but I think it is really cute, and I look forward to wearing it.

The last was a gift from my class and my aide. It is a super cute apron with all of the kids handprints on it and their names. Blake calls it "something sentimental that you will never use and we will have to store forever" but I think that I will pull it out on occasion to remember this year, and to get the practical use of it as well.

My answer to "how did the year go" this year is that it was easily the hardest year I have ever had, but I learned a lot and I grew as a teacher, and I now feel like I am capable of a lot more than I thought I was when the year started. And on a more personal note, it was this year more than any other that showed me that I do have what it takes to handle a child that is difficult and at times hard to love. I don't think I would be prepared to adopt until after this school year... so it was a good learning year for me. (And parent feedback was still all positive... so that's good).

Now I am in limbo for the next few weeks, not on summer yet, because my classroom isn't done and I have meetings or the potential for meetings up until the 25th... but its more or less my own schedule, so tomorrow I can relax, drink my coffee, read a book, and THEN come into work and get the room ready for the summer (tear down, put away, organize etc.) instead of rushing out the door to get there by 7:45am. Yay for no more teaching until September!!!!

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