Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CSA 7, and a shout out to 101 Cookbooks


Another week, another box, and I am still enjoying the excitement that comes each week as I wonder what will be in the box this week!

I actually arrived in time to see the boxes arriving which was partly good, and partly scary, because it was past 4, and I thought they arrived at about 3, so now I don't know when I can pick it up in summer... I figure I'll try to be there at 3:30 now that my schedule is really winding down for the year.

Most exciting addition to the box this week was blackberries! Yum! They didn't even make it to the fridge lol, we ate them all almost as soon as we opened the box. But after we got the harvest ticket e-mail we learned that we did the best thing because they pick them at the height of ripeness, so she actually recommends to eat them right when you get them so they don't go bad on you.

We got more avocados this week, but were warned that we are getting close to the end of those. We got strawberries, like normal (It will be a sad day when those aren't in season!) We got our weekly lettuce as well.

We actually had a lot of repeats this week from last week:
Carrots (but purple ones this time!)
Kale (but a different variety as well)
Sprouts (broccoli sprouts)
Yellow Squash
Kumquats -apparently the last until around the holidays :-(

Different from last week:
Radishes - apparently a variety called French Breakfast?
Dill (I was SO excited to see this back!!!!)

One sad thing is that I learned that yellow squashes (at least the way I kept them...) don't last more than the full week. I pulled last week's out for tonight's dinner, but they were already bad :-( It worked out though, because I used this week's in their place... but I hate wasting anything, and I especially hate wasting fresh produce... sigh.

Dinner tonight was this Frittata that I got from 101 cookbooks (awesome site if you have never checked it out~ my friend Emily pointed it out to me)


It tasted as good as it looks! The sauce was especially good! I am already looking forward to the next time I make this.

Another post will be all about my plan for how we will use the veggies this week, and the other problem that we are having lately food-wise.

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  1. French Breakfast radishes are the very best in the world! I'm ridiculously excited about them, but I only just learned about them this year from my friend Julie at work. I like them raw with hummus, but they're also amazing roasted with a little olive oil and salt, or even grilled.