Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trip to Oregon

On April 5th through 7th, I went to Oregon to visit my oldest friend Emily. Incidentally, she married my cousin, and so she is also my cousin in law.

Even though it was my first time flying alone ( I know, how did I make it to 25 without doing that before lol) I had a wonderful time. We hadn't seen each other in over a year, and hadn't talked that much in between visits, but from the time we greeted each other in the airport to when she left me to do security check, it was like old times, and there were no awkward moments or pauses.

One of the best parts was that it was a really relaxing trip. We didn't do anything that spectacular, but we did go shopping, have coffee, walk, talk and play some board games together. It was wonderful simple bonding time.

I have the few pictures that I took from the trip, but I did mess up and failed to get a single picture of the two of us together lol. Oh well, guess I'll save that for the next trip.

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