Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Wonderful Husband

I always love my husband, and I know that he is a wonderful guy, but there are some days that he blows me away with his thoughtfulness!

Today Blake and I were crossing paths because I had a class from 4-6:30 and he goes to the gym at 6:20-30 ish because that is when he is scheduled for his personal trainer. I was a bit bummed about it, and when I got off early, I hoped to catch him, but alas I didn't.

As I was leaving my car, I sent him a text saying that I was bummed I missed him, and then I walked in and saw this:


He had made dinner for the two of us, cleaned the kitchen, bought me a bouquet of flowers and wrote me a note saying that he was sorry that he missed me, but he was looking forward to seeing me after the gym.

I love him so much!

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