Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden's setback

I have been fairly faithful about taking pictures of the garden, and in some of the last ones I showed how some of our plants are already growing, and we would have produce soon.

Well... we will have to wait a bit more on the produce.

We had probably about 5 peppers growing, one or two big enough to pick, and in fact we had planned a meal around using our first peppers from the garden this week.

Even more exciting, we had some cucumbers getting ready, I would say about 4, and they were already 5 or 6 inches long, and just needed to fill out a bit more first.

But today when we came home from church, we walked into our backyard and saw that one of us had left the garden gate slightly unlatched, and our lab got into the garden, messed up the sprinkler system AND sigh... ate our first produce.

She was very thorough, not a single pepper survived, although thankfully the plants are still intact, and a few even have flowers on them so more are coming. Also, none of our cucumbers made it, but again, the plant is still alive. Guess she was excited she found some tasty little veggie treats.

We were both extremely frustrated and disappointed about losing the produce we were so excited about, but we are counting our blessings that no plants were completely destroyed, they will all be able to recover and bear produce again. Its just a setback.

Tying this post with the other one I wrote today, my friend Emily doesn't even have most of her plants outside yet, much less bearing produce because of how cold it is in Oregon, so just the fact that I still have happy, healthy, tall plants enjoying the sunshine already is a good thing... even if my produce takes a bit longer.

She's a dog, she saw an opportunity for more food, and took it, I don't blame her (anymore), I am just learning patience in yet another area of life. :-)

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  1. Oops! I am still fighting with the neighbor's cat in my garden, alas - not really a good way to keep it out but I have been putting citrus halves along the edges of the garden and it seems to help, so thanks for that idea! :)

    I hope everything grows back and tastes delicious.