Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fourth of July and Other Fun

I finally got around to pulling off the pictures from my phone from the last few weeks as well as the last few days.

My blog posts seem to be either lots of words with few pictures or lots of pictures with few words.

This is a heavy picture post, with just short captions to go with each.

*Note to my family who gets this in an email, go to the actual blog this time for a cute video of Grace eating/playing with her spaghetti. :-D

 photo IMAG0719_zpsd4a036c2.jpg

My parents walking with Grace after a breakfast together.

 photo IMAG0736_zpsce16fd09.jpg

Grace having fun wandering away from us during church (we sit outside).
 photo IMAG0729_zps722bc0f5.jpg

 photo IMAG0731_zps9647bb41.jpg

Grace and I went to a small farm near us to see the animals, but overall it was mostly a bust. She was freaked out scared of the animals, including the ones smaller than her like the chickens, and she insisted on being held the whole time (which is getting harder as I get bigger). The only exceptions to this was getting to see the milking demonstration and then at the end when she was willing to go down to see the baby goats. These she wanted to pet.

 photo IMAG0744_zps3df963d6.jpg

 photo IMAG0748_zps5e11a2c6.jpg

 photo IMAG0752_zps6b20b1d3.jpg

 photo IMAG0754_zps04e55cf1.jpg

 photo IMAG0755_zps0fef7a03.jpg

 photo IMAG0758_zps7ced2f59.jpg

 photo IMAG0760_zps886b3a4b.jpg

 photo IMAG0764_zps21a2266b.jpg

 photo IMAG0769_zps95599da2.jpg

 photo IMAG0772_zpsa542e119.jpg

There is a neighborhood Fourth of July parade near us and the first batch of photos are us going to that and watching the parade together. She liked watching the kids and dogs in the parade, at one point she tried walking out and joining! Though, when the local school marching band came by, she was a bit intimidated by the drums, and didn't like the noise of the firetruck's siren. Later, Grace helped me prep the lettuce for the barbeque we host every year for family and friends. She has gotten quite good at helping me tear the lettuce and put it in the bowl. To protect her sleep, we didn't have her watch the fireworks this year. Maybe next year.

 photo IMAG0781_zpsf81fade6.jpg

 photo IMAG0784_zps91a1ec22.jpg

 photo IMAG0786_zpsdc5a66b4.jpg

We attempted a second beach trip today, with still less than "ideal" results. For one thing, we tried going in the morning to beat the crowds since recent mornings have been hot, but today was not. Secondly, she is still scared of the water, and refused to be put down anywhere near it. It was actually quite funny, we would put her towards the sand, and she would raise up her feet and legs to not touch the sand, just to prevent being put down. Over the course of the morning, we gradually relocated her sand and water bucket closer to the water, but she still didn't want to go near it. Then she started shivering, so we knew not to stay too long. She did have some fun being pulled around on my dad's boogie board, and meeting a pet bird that gets to visit the beach once a week.

 photo IMAG0143_zpsc2b6d0d3.jpg

 photo IMAG0147_zpse5621227.jpg

She has eaten spaghetti multiple times, and always loves it, but makes a huge mess. Today, we got smart, and had her eat in just her diaper... and it was a good thing we did!

That's our most recent fun and pictures, with more good things ahead, like her first ballet class (Parent and Me, so I will be attending and helping her, and it is designed for kids her age), and a trip to the lagoon near us with a couple friends.

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