Saturday, November 10, 2012

When shopping for Christmas...

I recently joined an AMAZING facebook group, where everyone has adopted or is adopting from Ghana. It is awesome, truly. Anyways, a post a little bit back was about how families are fundraising for their adoptions.

For various reasons, Blake and I went with waiting longer, and just saving like crazy, but it makes sense that not everyone can do that. A bunch of websites allow you to sell their stuff, in exchange they give the families a large portion of the proceeds. I plan on perusing this list as I shop for Christmas this year (if I shop for Christmas at all lol).

So... I decided to do what I could to help these families, if not by buying the items, but by sharing them with my small group of readers so that they can see if any gift items for people this year can be bought from one of these many sources and help another family adopt a child!

I apologize that it isn't better organized. It is a copy from a facebook post, but hopefully all of the links still work. Lots of people selling coffee and t-shirts. Thanks for looking, all of these families appreciate it if you do. 

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