Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ghana part 1- Home to Hotel

All we have done is made it from our home to our hotel and I already feel like we have had an adventure!

Both flights were fine, though they were close together, so the layover was crazy fast. The first passed quickly, and while the trip across the Atlantic was longer, between dinner, breakfast, movie, and catnaps, it didn't drag on too bad.

Leaving the airplane was crazy though. We walked down stairs off the plane, then took a bus to the immigration area, where they scanned our eyes and took our fingerprints besides checking our visas and passports. Then we waited forever for our luggage, and then we tried our best to communicate with people in the airport to get ourselves a phone, a phone card, and a taxi to our hotel. Though they speak English, we both have such strong accents it was actually a bit difficult to communicate. All of this passed with only minimal problems, but all felt very foreign and different.

Checking into the hotel went smoothly, and though it took a bit of time to get a signal, it looks as though the internet is working fairly well, so I was able to update facebook people, and now my blogging people that we are here.

Unlike most of my vacations, this one is pretty much NOT planned, more of a figure it out day by day kind of trip except for our appointment on Wednesday, and knowing the first day we are able to visit our little girl is Monday.

As we drove along the streets in the taxi, the biggest thing that strikes you is the sheer number of people selling items by the side of the road, and all of the women carrying their items on their heads, with perfect amazing balance.

Oh, and not only have I not seen another white person since leaving the airport, I noticed that even all of the advertisements have black people on their ads. It makes perfect sense, but just is that reminder that we are SO not home. We are in Africa. Crazy!

The plans for the rest of today is to try to rest without messing up our trying to recover from jet lag (i.e. not actually go to sleep), eat and then really go to sleep as close to Ghana time as we can.

Laying down sounds awesome right now. I'll try to post again tomorrow, but we are here, and we are safe in our hotel for now (if you consider safe being seeing the occasional mosquito and having water that if we drink we could get sick lol).

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you are there, I hope everything goes really well and the jet lag isn't too bad.