Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today Blake and I spent 5 hours moving me from my 2nd grade classroom to my 4th grade classroom. I think by the end I actually felt really good about the move. Blake was amazing (even just for how long we spent there) because he helped me sort through the various things I had in my classroom, and he helped me figure out what goes where in my new room. He also said that he will give up another weekend day sometime soon to help me organize more in depth in the new room.

I think the weirdest thing is letting go of my old classroom. It has been my room for 4 years, and I am comfortable there. I know what I put on the bulletin boards and the windows, I know what to teach, I know what to expect.

But at the same time... its exciting having a new arrangement to try to figure out. I am really excited to teach the 4th grade curriculum, and I am starting, slowly but surely to not only accept the grade change, but to look forward to it, to be excited about this new phase in my teaching career. Mentally making the shift from 2nd to 4th instead of going through the motions. I think moving today has put me past the halfway mark... and that's good.

My 2nd grade "term" has ended, here's to a great 4th one!

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