Friday, July 2, 2010



We picked up our CSA box a lot later than we usually do, and instead of being the first people there we were one of the last 4 to get our box. The biggest difference that I saw with this is what the trade box looked like. Usually when we get there (or I get there) there are many different items to choose from... but on Wednesday, when we got there, there was only one thing left in there... beets!

We have loved the beet recipes that we have tried in the past, and considered trading FOR some of those rejected beets (decided we liked what was in our we kept everything), but I just thought it was really sad that most people aren't willing to work with this great vegetable.

Same as last week:
Carrots (BIG purple ones this time)
Avocados (I LOVE having a steady supply of these... I'll be sad when they are out of season)

Dill (We were almost out, so really glad to get a fresh supply)

Some of the food in the box this week will go to the 4th of July party at our house, like the cucumbers into a cucumber appetizer, some of the dill and lettuce into a salad and some of those many avocados into a guacamole appetizer (I think...).

As for our menu...hopefully we can eat through most of our perishable food items by Wednesday when we leave... otherwise we will sadly be wasting some of it... I picture a pigging out on vegetables week lol!

In no particular order yet... and probably most dinners will have a side of the numerous tomatoes in our cupboard (more ripe every day too!)...
I am planning on an Avocado, caper, and Arugula tramezzini (sandwich), a mango,avocado and grapefruit salad, a tuna sandwich will dill and sprouts, a pizza with a combination of vegetables that we find in the fridge/cupboard (onion, tomato, arugula, green beans? etc.), the beets will go into a beet salad and everything else will just get eaten as side salads, or accompanying dinner on the side (like the oranges).

No box next week... but once we get back we should be full into getting summer veggies... yay!


  1. Can you share some of your beet recipes? We got some this week as well and are not sure what to do with them. I share you linked to a beet salad, but I don't like feta!

  2. Thanks for the recipe! We will try it this week.