Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eye Color

Did you know that eye color can change over time?

I had no idea, till it happened to me! I had always been told that I had brown eyes, and had it on my driver's liscense etc. but I have been looking closely at my eyes lately, and decided that they were hazel.

I conferred with others, asked them to look at my eyes in the last few months, and everyone agrees, there is definitely green in them.

Last night I was looking at pictures of me, and zooming way in on my eyes, and I found a recent one where my eyes look more green than brown! But I also have pictures of myself as a kid, and I looked at those too... and my eyes as a child were completely brown... pretty dark brown.

So my next search was if eye color can change over time, and sure enough... it can! As a matter of fact, it does for 10-15% of Caucasians! So... my eyes were brown... but now they are hazel, and they could continue to lighten. See:

The left is a picture of my eye as a child, and the right is a more recent picture of my eye (and wrinkles!)

The only question is... do I need to change my driver's license now? (jk)

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  1. The same thing happened to me. I went from brown eyes to hazel (almost all green). I've read that newer research shows that eye color isn't necessarily determined by dominant/recessive traits like people previously thought