Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I am not Irish, if I am, it is such a tiny fraction, I might as well not be!

But I love St. Patrick's day . I love Irish music and corned beef is yuuuummmmy! I also made cabbage soup tonight.

At school, I used this opportunity to teach about Ireland. We ate Irish cheese, and we had Irish soda bread. And I showed the class you tube videos about Ireland. I didn't have another resource, and sadly, I was "caught" using you tube by one of my oh so observant kids. But they were great videos, and I will share them with this blog too for anyone who reads to enjoy a bit of Ireland too.

it might not have been this exact Riverdance clip... but I did show them a Riverdance video

Hope you enjoyed this taste of Ireland ! (where I have never been, but admire anyways)

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