Saturday, March 14, 2009


Who knew that a little kitty's name could be so confused with so many other names!

So... here is what Argon is NOT

1. Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. Similar. Also a cool name, but not our kitty's namesake

2. Aggron from pokemon. Now this one I had no idea that it even existed, but one of my 2nd graders, upon hearing my kitten's name said, "Like the pokemon character!" Sigh. So I investigated, and sure enough there is a very very similar sounding pokemon, but not the same.

3. Eragon from the book and movie. This mistake was made by the vet upon hearing our kitty's name. Again, similar, I can see the confusion, but still not our kitten's namesake.

So what is Argon you ask? It is an element on the periodic table of elements, a noble gas to be exact. My chemist husband picked it out, if you hadn't guessed. I thought it was a cute name, and a cute idea. For those of you who like to learn, here is a short you tube clip to educate you on what our kitten is named after

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