Saturday, June 24, 2017

It goes so fast

It is so cliche, isn't it?

"It goes by so fast."

The worst part about it is that you can never get it at the moment. Tell a mother who has been living on minimal sleep that it goes so fast, and she is likely to bite your head off... till a year or two goes by, and she can look back and see that the baby time is truly so short.

My favorite quote, that my dad says often, is that "The days are long but the years are short."

We have had days where we are so... very... ready for the kids to go to bed at the end of the day. We are just drained from trying to keep an active 3 and 5 year old happy, and get them to obey, just a little. And yet, I cannot explain it to anyone who hasn't been there, how crazy it is to me that Grace is done with preschool.

How it is possible that my little girl is going to Kindergarten? Plus, Remington is so far from my baby... he has already finished a year of preschool. No. Not possible... right?

 Even if I someday have another (not that any are currently planned), I will never have their baby/ toddler times back. On the one hand, it is heartbreaking to me to see that time go- and yet... there is a flip side.

See, while it is true that I feel like their time of being little is slipping through my fingers, it is also true that I love seeing the new phases too. Remington will be old enough to be on a hockey team soon, and Grace is working through the steps to someday join the gymnastics team at our gym (it is a several year process, but she is on the track). She is starting to figure out how to read short words, which is thrilling to me as a teacher and a reader... seeing my daughter... learn to read! Remington has recently figured out how to go through the night without a pull up... meaning he is officially, completely out of diapers!

They both have incredible imaginations and will happily make up a complete story for their little characters. Grace has recently become our little artist, who loves drawing, drawing with people and is working on covering her walls of her room with her own art. Remington loves Legos, and even though he is not yet four, he has the necessary dexterity to make many of his own designs, and will happily explain them to you. Yay! A master builder!

As much as I miss the littles, I can't wait to see what they grow up to be, who they grow up to marry, how they grow as people, and all the other steps of watching your children grow. I don't want them to stop growing... but a part of me will always miss the times when they were smaller. I know too, that this process doesn't stop, and someday I will be looking back at this post, wondering at my kindergartner and preschooler and wondering how they became these teenagers in my home.

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