Friday, July 29, 2016

Personal Political Thoughts

My last post was intended as a more fair, less biased post about my political views. Clearly, I have a bias, and fairly clearly as well there is a candidate who I don't think is well suited for the diplomatic needs of the job of president.

But most people assume that when I against "him" I am for "her."

This is really the first time I have posted my political opinions on my blog, as I generally prefer to keep it about my family.

There are two big and two little candidates that I am aware of in the 2016 election. Here are my quick opinions of each.

Republican- Trump. I was trying to find the right word for him last night, and decided on caustic. He is everything in the definition and more. His words divide people. His words are sharp and bitter. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am afraid of what harm it could do to our nation if he is elected.

Democrat- Clinton. I am excited that there is finally a female nominee, as I think it is sad it has taken our nation this long to give a female the chance. My political views are closer to her than to Trump's even if I liked him. However, I do agree with many people that I don't trust her. Of the two big ones, I think she is better qualified for the job, and generally I think that the areas where she had to be dishonest have come from her climb and clamber to where she is. Bottom line, if I was in a swing state, or a state where it was really on the fence where the electoral votes would go, I would vote for her just to contribute to "not him."

Libertarian- Johnson. I know some Republican friends who are voting Johnson, and I don't mind that, as it is "not him." Personally, libertarians believe too much in the good of people. When I read their stance, it sounds like if we just get government out of the way, people will be free to do things better. I don't mind the sentiment, I just doubt it. People might talk about doing better without government, but I think things will fall apart if the government backs off that much.

Green- Stein. Green party and the Democratic party aren't too far apart, but on the ways they differ, I find I support Green. Add to that in this election the fact that I don't trust Clinton, I think Trump is acidic, and since Libertarians trust the general population too much, I think that she is the right choice for me this year. As a bonus, if Clinton gets elected, and Grace asks if I voted for the first woman president, I can say, "No, but I did vote for another woman that year."

Will she win, probably not, and then I do hope Clinton can win more people than Trump.


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