Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Life with Two

Mostly a picture post, especially since I am typing this on my phone.

Remington is three weeks old tomorrow, and my last post was my birth story, so I'm in need of an update.

He is a good baby, and as long as he is fed regularly he is content and quiet or asleep in between. After a few harder nights, he figured out the idea of sleeping through bigger chunks at night, so we are only getting up once in the night to feed him plus the right before bed feeding and the first thing in the morning feed.

Grace was great as long as Blake was home, and loves her brother a lot, frequently giving him kisses or wanting to pat his head or giving him stickers. When Blake is gone, I get to deal with tantrums, not fun.

She is obviously doing them for attention. For example, yesterday I left the room during one of them, and she stopped crying long enough to relocate to the kitchen ( where I was) and promptly laid down and started crying again.

Though I was nervous about my first day without Blake, I would say yesterday was 80% good, with two supermom moments. One was one handed breastfeeding him while getting our lunch ready with the other hand, and the other was having all three of us take a nap together on the couch.

I'm adjusting, and hopefully Grace will throw less tantrums, and we will all find a new rhythm together.

As for the pictures, because they are loaded from my phone, there will be no captions and I think they will be smaller too. Enjoy them. :)

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