Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First Beach Trip

We took our first vacation with Grace down to my aunt's beach house for a day at the beach, and then her first night spent away from home since we got to become her full time parents at the end of March.

This post will be mostly pictures. Basically, she was not a fan of the water and the waves, and didn't leave Blake for a second to try to stand in them or anything, but she had a GREAT time playing with buckets of water that we brought up from the waves and the sand... far away from those scary waves.

If you are curious, yes, she is wearing a swim cap. From what I have read, getting sand out of her tight little curls is really quite difficult, and many sites recommended doing this for trips to the beach to avoid such problems.

 photo IMAG0617_zpsdbbda091.jpg

 photo IMAG0625_zps5a9e76da.jpg

 photo IMAG0626_zpscc2e862b.jpg

 photo IMAG0627_zpsaf05ce79.jpg

 photo IMAG0628_zpsa48af97a.jpg

 photo IMAG0629_zps8f702f14.jpg

 photo IMAG0634_zps4eec8d15.jpg

 photo IMAG0637_zpse55a4ffe.jpg

 photo IMAG0645_zps3ba8360c.jpg

 photo IMAG0647_zps9edf5e4f.jpg

 photo IMAG0649_zps7a012257.jpg

 photo IMAG0661_zps90139098.jpg

 photo IMAG0671_zps7ae7b0e8.jpg

 photo IMAG0680_zps75695661.jpg

 photo IMAG0681_zps1e75355b.jpg

Some favorite sand activities were putting sand in the water bucket, pouring water out of the water bucket and putting rocks into the water bucket. All of these activities kept her busy for quite a while.

Only downside is that she didn't sleep great that night... which meant no one slept well that night.

Otherwise, it was a really fun first experience at the beach.

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