Friday, August 20, 2010

CSA 14

Urg.... having issues with uploading to photoshop today, not sure why. Anyways.... this picture is from the blogger upload, sorry if its small.

Okay, so this week is much of the normal, but we are pleased with it.

Lots of citrus again, oranges, grapefruit, and limes.

We got dill this week which was exciting, as well as apples.

A few somewhat typical ones are zucchini, lettuce, and green beans.

We got tomatoes again, which is really good because our tomato crop has declined recently. We are still getting them, but just not that often, and we love them, so more is better.

We got sprouts and what I think is arugula... not sure... if you identify it as another green... let me know :-)

Decisions made on the meat box-
We decided that we might decide to support the farm by every so often doing a box, but in general we are not going to do the protein boxes. We did however like cooking the whole chicken (I did it in the crockpot), and it was tasty in pasta, salads, and sandwiches during the week, so I am probably going to be looking at the whole chicken prices at Sprouts and seeing if that's a good way to go. I used the rest of the chicken (once we got the meat off) to make chicken stock, and we froze a bunch of it.

I made my own cheese with the goat's milk, and it turned out pretty good! I think I let it drain too long, because it is somewhat hard, so I microwave it before I eat it to soften it a bit. Otherwise though... it was great!

We are going to cook the second kind of beef we got from the farm this week in carne asada. I am excited about that! The other beef was good, but was hard to eat around between the bone and the tendon/cartilage/fat stuff.

We are still glad we tried it, but we knew all along that it wasn't the best choice financially, but if it was extra tasty and such a great thing to have, we were willing to make that sacrifice, but instead our plan is to get the organic/free range chicken and beef from Sprouts, preferably when it goes on sale.

Our top two biggest concerns were how it arrived (little ice pack, cardboard box, big mess, some broken eggs) and how little food it was for the price. It was everything it advertised it was... but it was a small chicken... and small eggs. Big beef... but overall, not enough to last 3 weeks... like I said, all we have left after the first week is the second kind of beef we were given... otherwise, it only lasted a week, and its way too much money for every week.

Oh well.

You never know till you try. :-D

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