Thursday, August 5, 2010

CSA 13


Wow... citrus explosion this week! Their trees must be doing well lol!

As you can see from the picture, this week has a tremendous amount of citrus... but this is a good thing!

No less than 6 grapefruit, and 9 oranges, plus 3 limes (joining some of last week's limes in the cupboard). But I must say that this is definitely better than the weeks that we had so little citrus we had to split one each night instead of getting one of our own, and infinitely better than the weeks that we were bummed because there was no oranges or grapefruits.

To be fair, the box originally had one less orange, and included basil and rosemary. We traded the herbs for an orange without knowing just how many we already had. It was probably still a good decision, although Blake now thinks that we should have gotten beets instead of an orange.

We are also pretty excited about the beets. Before the CSA boxes began, I cannot recall ever eating a beet...or even being offered one. I had heard about these vegetables, but never in a good way... but Blake and I really enjoy them as long as we let them steam enough. Last time I got impatient and took them out before they were done, and the slightly hard parts were not so tasty. I am going back to our first recipe with them this week and glazing them in a orange honey sauce.

We got green beans... although we already had a bunch from our own garden and my parent's garden, and Blake said that we will need to eat them with every meal lol! I will see what I can do, but worst case scenario is that I freeze some of them for another time.

Also in the box, two heads of lettuce, a bunch of green onions, sprouts, yellow squash and an avocado.

Even though its summer, I am planning on making a soup this week with the squash and the green beans. I am also planning on having a citrus salad with salmon one night, and making orange chicken another night... those citrus will be put to good use!

Great box week!

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