Thursday, January 21, 2010


The topic of this week is rain, and lots of it. There has been storms passing though California since Monday, and that means that the kids have been inside all week, and I am having to find new ways of keeping them quiet.

With that though, God is so good in how the rain comes. Early in the week, when I was driving myself, there would be tons of rain throughout the day, but not in the morning or afternoon when I was driving.

Wednesday, Blake decided to drive me to work because he knows I hate driving in the rain, and it was not really rainy on the way there, but he figured it might be after school, and MAN am I glad he did. When it was time to pick me up it was pouring! Totally, completely, scary to drive in pouring down.

Today he drove me too, but it wasn't really needed because the rain wasn't falling hard on any of our drives (to work, from work, to Bible study, from Bible study).

When we got home from my Bible study, we decided to take Roxie on a short walk, and we had decided on the route. It was windy, cold and we knew the storm was coming (I brought an umbrella and rain boots in case it came back during the walk) but we decided she deserved the chance to get out. So we go, no problem, no rain, and then we reach our door, he is getting out the key, when we both turn because it sounds like rain. We look back, can't tell for sure if it is rain or wind, he walks out a bit... sure enough it started raining LITERALLY right when we got home. I was shocked! But I really shouldn't be because God is so good. (not that it would be a big deal to walk in the rain... but for it to stay dry for the exact length of our walk, considering all of Roxie's sniffing and everything... crazy!)

We're told that there are only a few more days of this before it lets up, and it is none too soon. But it is good for the plants, so I am thankful for it.

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