Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dinner at the Addison

So on Saturday night, my dad decided to take myself, my husband, my mom, grandma and brother out for dinner. It was partly to celebrate Easter, it was partly to celebrate my husband getting his name on a patent, and it was partly to spend time with my grandma who lives a little over an hour away.

He decided on the Addison. He warned us it would be fancy... but I don't think that even my dad knew just how fancy it was going to be.

You can check it out at their website Addison

For one thing, it claimed to be a four course dinner, and that is special enough. But we counted... and with all the in between courses added in, it was 10!

1. First we had an Amuse-Bouche that was a little tiny bite of an avocado sauce thing with lime and basil on it. It was delicous... although everything was, so I am not going to say it every time, just assume it was.

2. Next they brought this (I don't remember names of almost any other course, so...) cheese puff thing. It had cheese in the center of some kind of yummy fresh bread.

3. This "course" is just like rolls at many restaurants. The difference is that this roll was served with fresh butter with some herbs in it, and you didn't take it from a bowl at the middle of the table, but they would individually serve them. You could have as many as you wanted (my husband had 4) but they would just ask you each time and place it on your plate.

4. This is the first course that we actually ordered. It was an appetizer... but there were two rounds of appetizers and I am pretty sure that they didn't have the same name. Oh well. I ordered a leek soup. It was great, but interesting because it was served cold on purpose.

5. This was the second appetizer course. I ordered risotto for this course because they kept making it on Hell's Kitchen and because it sounded good. It definitely was.

6. This was our entree. I ordered Duck three ways, but it was in french so it sounded pretty (no, I don't speak French, and yes, I did have to ask what it was). I enjoyed the duck breast, but it was a little rare for my taste, but that is fancy food for you. I also had duck liver on there. I had never had liver before, and I have to admit that it tasted good... but the thought of eating liver made me squeamish so I only had one bite and then gave the rest to my husband.

7. By this point we are getting extremely full... but knew that dessert was coming and we were all thinking to ourselves that we can make it one more course... little did we know. Number 7 was our pre-dessert. No kidding. It was really yummy, ice cream with what tasted like an apple snowcone on the bottom.

8. Somewhere around the dessert time they asked us if we wanted a cheese course as well... naturally we all said no. Very stuffed at this point. This was our actual dessert. I ordered a raspberry citrus dessert and I enjoyed it, and got it all down even though my stomach at this point was too full.

9. We are finding it amusing by this point how many courses we have had... glad we made it through it... my mom jokes about a post dessert and we all groan because we couldn't fit another bite... and then they bring out the post dessert!!!!! We all had to stop ourselves from laughing outloud. They were little delicate cookies that crumbled in our mouths. Even though they tasted good... few of us made it through the two little cookies on our plates.

10. I know what you are thinking... what could they add after a post dessert. Well... I might be exaggerating to call this another course, but by this point we are overwhelmed by the amount of food we ate, and yet as we are coming out the door, they hand us a little box with caramels in it for the road.

Some highlights.
- Everything was presented beautifully! It made me better understand why it is called the culinary arts.

-It had amazing ambiance. Every time they served a dish they served it simultaneously, where 6 servers would place our food in front of us at the same time. There was a footstool for my purse, and every time one of us left to go to the restroom they would replace our napkin.

- The service was unparalleled. That many servers helping you at once, and they even had our car, which we valet parked, out front waiting for us when we got outside.

It was an amazing night, and I had a blast.

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