Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tortillas and Soap Substitutes

In our on going quest to save money, and cut costs where we can, this week we made our own tortillas (actually the second time we have done this, but I forgot to get pictures the first time).
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They are surprisingly easy, and have very few ingredients. After we combine the ingredients, we roll them into little balls, let them sit for twenty minutes, roll them out, and then just cook them like pancakes!

Tortillas aren't super expensive to start with, so I don't think it saves us that much money, but they are very tasty, and there is a certain sense of accomplishment in making them yourself!

The other thing that we have made, though haven't tried yet, is our own dish soap substitute. I had seen online lots of easy, green cleaners that you can make, so I had decided that as we run out of our current supply of cleaners, we would make our own!

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This recipe is extremely simple. You take lemon peels, simmer them for four hours in water, then leave them to soak in the water overnight. In the morning you strain the peels, save the water, which smells lemony and supposedly has the lemon cleaning qualities in it. Then, you combine it with baking soda, and use that to wash your dishes.

We have gotten as far as the step before baking soda, so we aren't sure how effective it is yet, but I will be picking up baking soda on Thursday, and seeing how it goes! I am hopeful!

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