Friday, May 22, 2009


So I have not posted in ages... Well... I have been really busy. My whole time at school is spent preparing the walls for Open House. Which basically means dragging out every thing they have done all year long worth saving, putting it up somewhere nicely, and adding a great border to it as well.

At home, we had gotten into a really good healthy kick for a while where we were exercising every other day either with Wii yoga, or swimming or tennis etc. This was great for us... but meant that we didn't have a lot of computer time. Then Blake bought Lord of the Rings online... and I have lots of time again. :-P

But this post is supposed to be about my pets. I got some great pictures of all of them, and I wanted to share those and our last week with the three of them. First, Lily and Argon got spayed/ neutered a week ago Wednesday. They are totally healed fine now, but it was a tough week. They couldn't be together during this time out of fear that they could lick each others' scars.

This meant in practical terms that Lily, with a cone on her head that she hated, had to be confined in the closet of our room and Argon had to be confined in the front room of our house. They both meowed like they were being tortured any time we were around to protest their state.

Lily pulled a Houdini the first night too, waking us up with meows that were definitely NOT coming from closed doors at 3:00am. She had succeeding in banging herself against the accordion style door enough that it had cracked open, and somehow either before it or in the process also gotten her collar off! We had to put her back, but we barricaded the door to make extra sure she couldn't escape again.

After a few days of total isolation, we decided that as long as they were supervised, they could be with Roxie and us... still not together, but a step better. This turned out to be a GREAT thing. When it was Argon and Roxie out, they became very close, even to the point of sleeping together, as seen here:

Then in the bedroom, Roxie and Lily had bonding time as well where either will start the licking fest (not just Roxie like before). It is great to see the pets bonding like this.

By this point, all is well, and the kittens are free to roam the house once more, no longer with any chance of making babies together.

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