Saturday, February 28, 2009

My New Hobby

I have always loved anything creative, and so, throughout my life I have dabbled in many different creative hobbies.

I have taken drawing and photography classes in school, I have scrap-booked a few albums, I have even created some little clay figurines. Blake complains that every time I pick up a new hobby, we spend a lot on it for me to do it for a little bit. He is probably right.

Irregardless, for the last couple months, I have a new hobby. Sewing. I cannot call myself great at it because I know I am truly a novice, but I do enjoy it, and I have made some pretty cute stuff if I say so myself. Many of them are baby things because I hope someday to have a baby to give them to, and they are easy and little.

The favorite thing I have made is the green and pink outfit. In addition it is soft and cuddly, and I can easily picture a little girl in it. The dress is not yet finished because I have to do the zipper and I am afraid to do the zipper for fear of royally screwing up the most important piece. A lot is girl stuff, mostly because I like how girl's clothes look better, probably because I am a girl.

My next few projects will be different styles of shirts. I plan on posting them when I finish too.

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